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Sapthrang is an inter-college cultural fest conducted by Atria Institute of Technology. This cultural extravaganza has been a part of the institution for many years now and it gives several students a chance to show their talents in the fields of music, dance, theatre, literature, art and fashion. It is mainly hosted by the Cultural Committee of Atria. What sets Sapthrang apart from any other festival is its avant-garde approach to conventional performing arts and literature. Sapthrang aspires to be a multifaceted, splendid celebration of talents, offering unprecedented opportunities to participants. Every event has been carefully crafted to challenge the participants and ensnare the audience. For all the people with the flair for acting, for all the people who aren't afraid to flaunt their mad dancing skills and for all the people with a nightingale's voice, Sapthrang is the perfect platform. This doesn't leave behind the young shakespeare's, the enthusiastic debaters, the talented poets and knowledgeable quizzers, for everything is set for them as well.


The "iGen" theme for the "SAPTHRANG 2024" annual cultural fest of Atria I.T. embodies an exploration of the defining traits and cultural landscape of the current generation. iGen refers to the generation growing up with smartphones, social media, and the internet. Through this theme, Sapthrang 2024 provides a platform for interactive experiences, artistic expressions, and engaging activities that spotlight the distinct perspectives, obstacles, and contributions of this generation to the ever-changing cultural fabric of society.

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Cultural Committee Of Atria


Student Coordinators

Lohith BK- 6362474733

Pavithra V- 8861104362

Faculty Coordinators

Prof. Bhaskar MK- 9741594742

Prof. Archana R Motta- archana.motta@atria.edu